Albi Ison

Scope: Design and Develop

Industry: Private Catering

Project Type: Web Presence

For the project Albi enlisted my skills in both the design and the development of the site. He required a very clean design, quite minimalist without becoming baron. This website focused much more around the design than the functionality. We are currently developing add on features for the site including a complete booking and payment system for supper clubs

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The site centred around the aesthetics, we needed elegant easy to read text with exquisite photography to emphasise the food. To ensure clean lines I used a little bit of JS magic to ensure the 'about me' text didn't ruin the aesthetic.

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To ensure the site didnt becoming boring and plain, I suggested that we use a masonry gallery to show off the dishes he creates.

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Integrating a simple sample menu to entice clients added a layer of enticement to the web site and has seen a real drive in response rate since its introduction. Nothing extravagant but a needed piece of additional information that drives custom for Albi.

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Albi Ison is a private chef and sommelier providing exquisite cuisine for exclusive clients in London. He required a web presence to increase his business reach. He required a complete design and development of a bespoke site that reflected his business image, clean, stylish, elegant and simple.

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